Got questions about a Brazilian wax for men? Here’s what you’ve always wanted to know, but could not bring yourself to as.

Guys, we know you’ve got lots of questions about getting a Male Brazilian , Manzilian or Boyzilian – whichever term you fancy. After all, it takes even some of our Manzilian regulars a really long time before they will ask us the questions that make them blush. Well, here are the answers to the more commonly asked XXX-rated Manzilian questions so you’ll know, even from the first time you step into Nude Beautique. You’re welcome.

1. Do I have to be fully naked for a Manzilian?

 Yes, you have to be, or our therapists won’t be able to properly apply the wax to your bits. However, if you are getting a bikini or g-string wax, where some hair around these areas do not get removed, you can choose to wear a disposable g-string.


2. Will the waxing be done by a male therapist?

No, all our therapists are female at this point in time. However, rest assured that they are trained to the most stringent standards and uphold the highest level of professionalism during any treatment that they do.


3. What happens if I get aroused during the treatment?

This is a perfectly normal biological reaction so do not worry about it. Just don’t act on it! The feeling will subside soon enough, especially when the therapists starts removing the wax from your Manzilian area.  


4. What happens if there is pre-cum?

Pre-cum or pre-ejaculation fluid is another biological reaction that is a normal reaction for some. Our therapists are professionals and are trained to deal with such “situations” so there is no need to feel embarrassed about it


5. Do you wax the penis shaft?

Yes, if there is hair, we will wax it, unless you tell us not to.


6. Do you wax the butt crack?

Yes we do. In fact, most customers find the waxing of this area to be the most comfortable. You will experience an immediate feeling of relief when pesky hairs have been removed from the crack . Plus, you’ll soon find out it’s a whole lot more hygienic when you go to the restroom and clean yourself up afterwards.

7. Is sex better after a Manzilian?

You can bet that it is – both for your partner and yourself. Without hair down there, you’ll experience more intense sensations on your silky smooth skin. Once you’ve felt that once, we know you won’t go back. And yes, you can have sex on the same day after your wax as long as your skin does not feel too sensitive.


As you can see, there’s no taboo at all surrounding getting a Manzilian so make an appointment for a waxing treatment and feel the difference for yourself!