LASH LIFT is the latest beauty treatment that can lift, darken and curl your natural lashes to create a longer-looking, brighter wide-eyed look that lasts for months. Say hello to fuss-free, beautifully lifted lashes every day, and goodbye to artificial eyelashes, curlers, and mascara.

BROW LAMINATION (also known as Brow Lift) is just like a Lash Lift but for your brows where your brow hairs are lifted to create thick, fuller, and defined eyebrows.


How Does a Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Work?
A Lash Lift is a safe and easy option for naturally dark and beautifully curled lashes with low-maintenance and minimal commitment. By using silicone rods to create the natural curl, a lash lift offers an ultra-hydrating keratin treatment that hydrates lashes and promises no harsh chemicals.

With a Brow Lamination, the hairs are lifted and straightened upwards using the same solutions to the lifted brow hairs into position.

Each treatment can last  6-10 weeks, even after a shower or swimming.


Time Saving-16






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Premium Brand

Trusted Australian Brand Elleebana is the best in the market with strong holding lift that lasts longer than other brands and with a faster treatment time.

Superior Skills

Our treatments take less time and follow strict safety & hygiene protocols to ensure the lashes are not over-processed and damaged

Customer Service

At Nude our customer’s well being is our priority. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service which we base our reputation on.





Yes, our Lash Lift treatment is completely safe. Our lash lift procedure is performed with the utmost care and proper technique. The product never touches the skin during the process. Few might experience redness due to the product removal process (wiping the eyes with cotton) however it should disappear within a few minutes.

No, Lash Lifting is actually better for your lashes than perming or lash extensions. Our technicians also ensure that the lashes are not over-processed which can happen when not done correctly (solution left on too long). You can see this when the lashes become kinked or frizzed in many directions and/or the lashes start circling all the way back.


Elleebana is the most advance in this treatment with the fastest and efficient results. Most places will take up to 60 minutes however the total time for our lash lift is only 30 minutes (including preparation, application, tint and clean).

Although tint is not necessary for all, it is still worth having it with the lash lift. Most people have lashes that are lighten on the ends so with the tint it enhances lashes making them look longer plus it only takes an additional 5 minute to the treatment.

A lash lift can last up to 6-8 weeks depending on the individual unlike other brands. Factors such as how fast your hair grows and how you take care of your eyelashes will determine the length of the results.

Typically, lash lift treatments are recommended at 6-8 weeks apart depending on how long your results can last. Those with slower hair growths may only need to book every 8-10 week (compared to those with finer hairs or fast hair growth cycles).

It is natural to lose 1-5 eyelashes a day on average. Our lash lift will not cause additional hair loss unlike eyelash extensions.


Yes, it is safe. However during pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers, the hair can become weaker, stronger or fall out because of the hormone changes. This can result in over curling, over processing or even no result at all.
We would recommend to wait until after the first trimester as this is when there is a higher hormone change and sensitivities occur.

Unfortunately, the Lash lift doesn’t work well when there are a significant amount of baby hairs. It is best to wait a few more week until most of the hairs are at least 5mm.


It’s also a good idea to remove eyebrow makeup and any contact lenses ahead of a lash lift. Of course, if you forget, we can remove it for you!

Absolutely! You can wear the Elleebana mascara immediately after the treatment or wait 24 hours before using regular mascara. It is also recommended to wait for 48 hours before using regular make up remover.

Eyelash Serum is not recommended as the lashes will grow faster and hence the lashes may curl backwards into a circle.

We advise the following:
– avoid heated activities for 24 hours such as sauna, hot showers
– avoid swimming for 24 hours
– no mascara or make up remover or any beauty lotions, serums for 24-48 hours
– use Elleeplex After Care Formula

We take so much care with our hair on our heads so why should our eyelashes be any different? Elleebana has specifically designed advance lash treatment to condition and strengthen your lashes, which is easy to apply everyday.


Lash Lift & Tint $840

HK$480 First Time Trial
HK$2,040 Package of 3 Sessions (U.P. $2,520)

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