Waxing is not just for the Brazilian area, legs, chest and back. Here are some other body parts both men and women can wax to feel like a million bucks.

Fact: our most popular waxing service by far is the Brazilian or Manzilian wax. But what many have not realised is that just about every part of the body where hair grows can be waxed. Many men and women visit Nude Beautique for to remove hair from uncommon parts of the body. There’s no need to be embarrassed when you come in for a consultation because even “obscure” areas could be more commonly waxed than you think! Here are 6 body parts that you didn’t know could be waxed.

1. Ears

As one ages, it is normal for hair to start growing in your ears. Whether you find this unsightly or annoying and maybe even ticklish, a simple solution is to wax the hair away. A trained, professional therapist will be able to wax this sensitive area safely to get rid of unwanted hairs in a jiffy.


2. Nose

The nose wax is actually a favourite of many men as you won’t have to trim your hair for weeks or even months! Some of our satisfied clients also say they can breathe better and there’s no more itch after excess nose hair has been removed. Once you’ve tried our nose wax, you’ll be hooked.


3. Nipples

Maybe you just do not like the way it looks, or you feel self-conscious in front of your partner. Whatever the reason, nipple hair waxing is common for both men and women. We also know this area is particularly sensitive to touch, so utmost care is taken when waxing this area.

4. Bellybutton

if you are embarrassed at the thought of wearing a cropped top because people may notice your bellybutton hair, simply get the offending strands waxed away. It is less painful than plucking the strands and will leave smooth, baby soft skin behind. This is also a popular area for waxing among men.


5. Feet & toes

Don’t let the thought of revealing your toe and feet hair deter you from wearing comfortable slippers, strappy sandals or open-toed shoes. A quick visit to the waxing salon will get rid of these hairs so you can strut out in confidence in your footwear of choice.


6. Sideburns

Instead of shaving or threading, waxing the sideburns is a great alternative, especially if you have sensitive skin on your face. Over time, your hair grows back finer and regrowth gets lesser as well.


What other uncommon areas on your body do you need to wax? Make an appointment at Nude Beautique to discover how effortless it is to go hair-free, even in “weird” parts of the body.