When your hair growth cycles are synced up, you can enjoy hairless, baby smooth skin for longer!


Don’t we all love the luxurious sensation of silky soft baby smooth skin? Well, one of the best ways to achieve this is to stick to a consistent waxing schedule – something you might remember your therapist advising you about previously. We assure you, this is not a hard sell tactic. Rather, there is a good reason for this which will give you better results in the long run.


This is because getting your hair waxed regularly will help you sync up your hair growth cycle. This means the majority of your hairs are growing at the same phase instead of being at different phases so that they eventually grow out more evenly. This will in turn result in longer lasting silky smooth skin and possibly, a longer interval between waxes.


They is why we say there is no better time to gift yourself a little treat and indulge in some beautifying treatments. Here are five of our favourite beauty tips to get yourself ready for the year-end festivities.


What are the phases of hair growth?

There are four stages of hair growth – Anagen, Catagen, Telogen and Exogen.

1. Anagen aka growth phase

This growth phase is when your hair shaft is at its strongest and can last between four weeks and four months. During this stage, the hair shaft is at its strongest as it is connected to the dermal papilla, which is its food source. This is the best time to get your wax because you will be removing your hair from the root, hence “damaging” the papilla. This eventually leads to less regrowth, so there will be less body hair growing back.

2. Catagen aka shedding phase

During this stage, which lasts for one to two weeks, the hair shaft separates from the papilla, stops growing and moves above the surface of the skin. If you are new to waxing, you may notice hairs that seem to be growing back early compared to your other strands. They are commonly thought to be broken hairs but actually, these are hairs that were just too short to be removed during your previous wax. Not to worry, your therapist will get to them during your next wax so that the next regrowth will be finer and less itchy.

3. Telogen aka dormant phase

During this final stage of hair growth, which lasts between six weeks and six months, your hair goes into a “resting mode”. At this point, your hair is ready to fall out and the new hair that is forming in the same follicle is already in its own anagen stage.

When you wax your hair during the telogen stage, you will probably find that regrowth is happening very quickly because there is already hair growing beneath the surface of your skin.

4. Exogen aka dormant phase part 2

Often considered a continuation of the telogen phase, this is when your old hair is shedding while new hair is growing from the root. Just like in the telogen stage, if you wax at this stage, you might notice that your hair is regrowing very quickly.


How does waxing help to sync hair growth?

If you have been shaving, or have not gone for a wax in a long time, your hairs will be growing at different stages. So when you start waxing, you will notice that your hair is regrowing quickly or that you have stubby regrowth, leading to skin that may feel prickly stead of being baby smooth for the first one to two waxes.

To get most of your hairs synced to a similar growth stage, we recommend scheduling your wax sessions every five to six weeks to get to all the strands as much as possible. Your hair should be at least half an inch long so that the wax can adhere well to each strand. After a few sessions, most of your hairs will grow at the same rate, leading to a finer and softer regrowth. This is also where you will be able to enjoy the sensation of soft, smooth skin.


You may also start to realise in time that less hair grows back. This is because waxing progressively damages hair papilla and stops hair from growing back, leading to smooth, bare patches of skin. Ultimately, if you are regular, you will probably increase the intervals between waxes while enjoying baby skin for a longer time. Now, that’s what we call a win-win situation!

To get started on your journey to smooth, hairless skin, book your waxing appointment at Nude Beautique now!

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