With the pandemic under control in Hong Kong, we can all finally enjoy the holiday season! Look and feel your best with these five easy beauty hacks that are perfect for the season of joy.


As 2021 draws to a close, it is time to take stock of an eventful year, be thankful for getting through Covid-19 lockdowns and indulge in some celebrations. Whether you intend to head out for fancy events or to meet friends and families to catch up, one thing’s for certain – you want to look your best during party season.

There is no better time to gift yourself a little treat and indulge in some beautifying treatments to ensure you’re ready for all the events that are lined up from Christmas parties to New Years. Here are five of our favourite beauty tips to get yourself ready for the year-end festivities.

They is why we say there is no better time to gift yourself a little treat and indulge in some beautifying treatments. Here are five of our favourite beauty tips to get yourself ready for the year-end festivities.


1. All About the Eyes Baby!
If you are sick and tired of fiddling with uneven false lashes or the tedious process of applying and removing mascara every day, book yourself a lash lift treatment at Nude Beautique pronto.

If you’re blessed with natural long lashes, this blockbuster lash lift treatment is a new and improved version of a perm to lift your eyelashes from your roots to the tips for the appearance of longer lashes and that coveted wide-eyed effect. The 30-minute treatment comes with eyelash tinting for more dramatic results to further define your eyes.

In fact, you won’t even need to apply mascara unless you want an extra boost to your lashes for an event. We recommend the Eleebana mascara, which contains arginine, keratin and biotin for strong and healthy lash growth.


For a more dramatic effect or if your lashes are not as long, Japanese eyelash extensions are perfect for you.  We have just added this glam treatment this month, so book asap for the promo at our Central HK branch.   Results last 2-5 weeks, simply wake up, brush them out and off you go!

2. Don’t Forget the Brow!
Another time saving beauty treatment that’s all the rage with celebrities is a Brow Lamination.  Get thicker, defined, instagram-worthy, perfectly shaped brows in just 1 hour.  The treatment is similar to the lash lift, repositioning the eyebrow hairs upwards for a youthful, fuller brow that lasts 6-8 weeks. Add henna to thicken each hair and fill in the gaps so now you won’t even need your eyebrow pencil.



3. Prepare the Skin with an Ultra Hydrating Facial
In the cold and dry winter air, the skin tends to get dehydrated more quickly than usual. Plus, you can expect to be more dehydrated from consuming more alcohol and salt (from party snacks) during the holiday season, which can cause your skin to look dry and emphasise the appearance of fine wrinkles. So, to keep your complexion glowing from within, go for a hydrating facial to plump up your skin down to its deeper layers.

And when the party’s over, do consider a detox rejuvenation facial from Exuviance to gently restore, brighten and firm up your skin before your next big soiree!


4. Take a Power Nap
No matter how much beautifying one does, nothing compares to beauty sleep.  Try your best not to compromise on your sleep even as your social calendar fills up. One good way to catch up on your zzzs is to take a short power nap before you head out for the evening. You will feel mentally refreshed and more energetic so that you are better able to focus on meeting people and catching up with old friends at your gatherings and parties.


5. Drink Lots & Lots of Water
The other thing about winter is that the cool temperature makes you feel less thirsty, so there is a higher chance of getting dehydrated. To avoid that, make it a point to drink a full glass (or more) of water especially before you attend an event. This will also keep your stomach filled, so that you will feel less of an urge to overeat.

If you drink alcohol, try to have a glass of water for every glass of wine or cocktail that you consume – this will help to reduce the effect of a hangover as well.


TIP: if you’re expecting a big night is taking a hangover pill or patch such as Party Smart or Bytox to detox and replenish your body with the good stuff.



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