To help you with preparing for your appointment, we debunk 7 of the most common laser hair removal myths in this article. Laser hair removal services can be a little confusing for first-timers so keep reading as we’re here to set the record straight.


Myth 1: You will have completely permanent results

You might assume that laser hair removal or permanent hair removal is actually permanent. After all, it’s right there in the name however you will most likely not be 100% hairless forever — that’s because laser hair removal only works during the “anagen” growth phase of hair, and every follicle grows at its own pace.

That being said, laser hair removal still promises awesome results. Following just one laser session, you’ll notice that your hair looks thinner and lighter in color — this is great in terms of appearance, but it also makes the hairs harder to remove in future laser sessions, since the hair contains less melanin. Due to hormones, certain areas won’t become completely hairless, like a man’s jawline. But even in the most stubborn areas, you should see 75-99% of hair disappear after 5-10 PHR sessions.


At some point down the line, you may notice few hairs re-emerge in the treated areas, but ad-hoc touch-ups will sizzle any regrowth. There are many reasons for regrowth, including hormone fluctuations — such as during pregnancy or menopause — and environmental factors. For example, moving from a humid subtropical climate like Hong Kong to a city with severe winter weather could jump-start your natural defense system and cause your body to produce hair as a way to keep warm.


Myth 2: It’s okay to tan in between PHR sessions

Do yourself a favor and skip the sunshine. PHR works best on light skin with dark hair — the more contrast, the better. So that’s why you should avoid the sun before and after PHR treatments. If you do catch some rays, let your tan fade before resuming treatments.


Myth 3: You can’t shave between sessions

Shaving is totally fine, but don’t wax or tweeze. These types of hair removal techniques typically grab follicles by the root, which interrupts the hair growth stages. Since laser hair removal treatment only works in the anagen phase, waxing or tweezing tend to reduce the effectiveness of the treatments and may require more sessions.


Myth 4: Laser Hair Removal works on all hair types

Laser Hair Removal works on almost all hair types. But if you have blonde, gray, red, white or light brown hair, PHR is unlikely to yield optimal results. That’s because Laser Hair Removal works on melanin in the hair. It best when there’s contrast between the hair and skin too, so an ideal candidate will have coarse, dark hair against light skin.


Myth 5: You will be hairless after one session

Will you see great results after a single session? Most likely! It depends on quite a few factors, including the treatment area, skin type, hair color and thickness. For example, you’ll likely see the best results on areas with high contrast — like underarms with coarse dark hair against fair skin. In this area, clients see up to 40% hair reduction after just one session, and usually require only 2-3 sessions total.

For other areas of the body, most people need 5 PHR hair-removal sessions before the targeted area is clear. This goes back to hair growth phases — since every hair grows at its own rate, you have to return until the laser catches each follicle in the anagen phase.


Myth 6: Laser Hair Removal is so expensive

Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments, but it’s actually more affordable in the long-term. Not only will you save money on monthly waxing or threading, but you will also save invaluable time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hair regrowth for years. And if you do, quick touch-ups on only those hairs will keep things in check.


Myth 7: Laser hair removal is painful

If you’ve heard horror stories of unbearable pain and suffering, you might want to check your sources. Though laser hair removal can be painful, especially for those with thick dark hair, some clients report a warm, slightly sting that’s uncomfortable for the first few sessions. Over time, any pain or discomfort subsides as your hair becomes thinner and sparser. If you’re nervous, rest assured: Nude uses top-of-the-line equipment with a built-in cooling device to minimize discomfort.


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