Hair removal is not only meant for women, and that’s why we’ve created a beginner’s guide to manscaping. Modern men around the world are manning up to groom down below. If you’re not sure where to start, our helpful tips for manscaping should steer you in the right direction.

Guys, listen up: If you haven’t already joined the manscaping revolution, you’re missing out. From waxing to eyebrow grooming to Manzilians (or Boyzilian), a little TLC every month can dramatically improve your appearance, confidence, hygiene and sex life. If you’re new to manscaping, ease into it: start with your body and work your way downstairs. We’re convinced the benefits will keep you coming back for more.
Let’s start up top. As a guy, it’s not uncommon to sprout unwanted hair in unseemly places. Maybe it’s your unibrow, that tuft on your shoulders, or the happy trail on your stomach — no matter where hair appears, Nude offers quick and convenient removal solutions.

Why not just shave it off? Not only does shaving require constant upkeep, but it also irritates the skin and causes hair to grow back thicker and coarser than before. Waxing has the opposite effect: over time, your hair will become thinner and your skin more desensitized. It’s more efficient too. Expect to sit down once a month for a 15- to 30-minute waxing appointment and stay smooth for 2-4 weeks.

And if you want more longer-lasting results, we also offer laser hair removal. Typically, you will see 75-100 percent of hair disappear within 5-10 Laser Hair Removal sessions — although results depend on your hair and skin type. After the initial sessions, we typically recommend a touch-up every 6 months to a year.

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Now let’s head downtown. If you read “Manzilian” and weren’t sure what we meant — it’s pretty much what it sounds like: a Brazilian wax for men. But wait, backup: What’s a Brazilian? It’s a professional waxing treatment that cleans up your nether regions, including your pubic area and buttocks. Once again, you can ease into to the Manzilian Wax by simply going in for a professional trim, before dipping into the waxing.
To start things off for a Manzilian, you’ll derobe from the waist down and lie face up on the treatment table with a towel covering your lower half. A therapist will trim first and then apply warm wax, one section at a time. Nude uses a premium, extra thick wax that hardens as it dries, making it easy to remove and significantly less painful.

But to answer your question: yes, it hurts — but just for a split-second. If you have a low pain tolerance, try drinking a glass of Scotch or taking two Panadol about 30 minutes before your treatment. Afterwards, you’re left with smooth, sexy skin that feels fantastic.

Taking care of your pubic hair is about more than feeling smooth. Many men — particularly athletes — find waxing to be more hygienic and comfortable in Hong Kong’s humid climate. Not only that, but it can have a dramatic visual impact and increases sensuality, since your blood vessels are more stimulated without a mass of hair in the way.

We hope that this beginner’s guide to manscaping has helped you out. Whether you’re looking for an all-over Brazilian, a playful pattern or simply a basic trim, Nude Beautique employs professional, discreet and experienced therapists who will ensure a comfortable experience that is proven time after time to be the least painful wax in Hong Kong.

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