To maximize the benefits of your waxing session, here’s a post-waxing guide outlining what you should and shouldn’t do immediately after a waxing treatment.


Experiencing the sensation of soft, silky smooth skin right after a wax is undeniably one of the most delightful feelings. While waxing is among the most hassle-free methods for hair removal, you may encounter some common reactions following your waxing session. These reactions can include skin bumps, redness, acne breakouts, ingrown hairs, or even allergic reactions such as hives or rashes. Often, these issues are exacerbated by unintentional actions or, in some cases, by unhygienic beauty salons and subpar techniques and products.

To ensure clear, smooth skin, here are eight activities to steer clear of after your wax:


1. Skip the Gym

Refrain from engaging in vigorous, sweaty workouts like running, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), or cycling for the first 24 hours after your wax. The pores in the waxed area remain open, and excessive sweating could irritate your skin. Additionally, exercise can increase friction in treated areas, which may aggravate sensitive skin.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, plan intense workouts for the day before and the day of your wax, using the downtime to indulge in gentler activities such as light stretching.


2. Stay away from Hot Environments

Steer clear of places with extreme heat, such as saunas, steam rooms, hot yoga studios, and sun tanning. After waxing, your skin becomes more heat-sensitive, making it more susceptible to sun damage if exposed to tanning. The discomfort in a heated room is likely to increase since your body temperature rises after waxing, and with open pores, the risk of infection also escalates. Be patient and wait a couple of days before resuming these activities.


3.  Avoid Swimming

Whether you prefer pool or ocean swimming, it’s best to avoid it immediately after waxing. Both chlorinated pool water and salty seawater can irritate sensitized skin. Water environments tend to harbor bacteria, increasing the risk of infection with open pores. Save swimming for 1-2 days later.


4. Postpone the Hot Bath

For similar reasons as points 2 and 3, avoid hot baths. Opt for showers instead, as running water is cleaner compared to sitting in bathwater for an extended period. Use cooler water to encourage your pores to close. For best results, use an anti-inflammatory soap product like the Zesty Antibacterial Wash (HK$280), which contains tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic, to cleanse pores, while orange oil boosts the skin’s energy. This product is gentle enough for daily use and can be applied immediately after waxing.


5.  No Exfoliation for the first  5-7 days

Remember that waxing itself is a form of exfoliation as it removes the topmost layer of your skin. Therefore, for the first 5 to 7 days after waxing, avoid additional scrubbing or exfoliation in the waxed area to prevent skin damage. After the first week, we recommend regular exfoliation to gently remove dead skin cells from the surface, preventing ingrown hairs and keeping your skin soft and supple. Our exclusive Exfoliating Glove (HK$110) is a highly effective exfoliator available in the market. It can be used wet or dry and does not foster bacteria on its surface, unlike natural loofahs.


6.  Don’t Experiment with New Beauty Products

It’s not advisable to try out new beauty or skincare products on freshly waxed skin, as you never know how your sensitized skin might react. Stick to fragrance-free beauty products and use only tried-and-tested ones that you know are safe for the next couple of days. Avoid scheduling a spray tan session after waxing, as the chemicals used may further irritate your skin.


7.  Abstain from Sexual Activity

While it may be challenging to resist, if you tend to experience sensitivity after a Brazilian wax, it’s best to avoid friction in the bikini area for at least a day or two post-wax. Such activity could expose your skin to bacteria and potentially cause chafing, which could harm the area. If you have a special occasion coming up, schedule your waxing appointment a couple of days in advance so you can enjoy intimate moments without any worries.


7.  Choose Loose Clothing

Switch out tightly fitted clothing for loose apparel like maxi dresses or loungewear instead of tight, body-hugging garments. Tight clothing can rub against your skin, causing irritation, and may trap moisture, increasing the risk of infection. Relax in comfortable clothing for a day or two especially after a Brazilian wax before returning to yoga pants, thongs, fitted shorts and stockings.


Follow these guidelines to enjoy smooth, hairless skin that’s a pleasure to touch and easy to maintain. Have you booked your waxing appointment at Nude Beautique yet? Simply book online or call us at 2868 9100.