Curious about laser hair removal, one of the most popular hair reduction treatments among both men and women? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


With minimal downtime, few side effects and permanent results, it is no wonder that non-invasive laser hair removal is so popular among men and women seeking to eliminate unwanted hair growth. So if you are considering this effective and time-efficient hair removal technique, read on to get the answers to the top 10 frequently asked questions about laser hair removal!


1. Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes. This procedure has been used by dermatologists and medical clinics globally for over three decades. At Nude, our medical-grade machines are clinically proven to be safe and effective and emits light energy that targets only the hair follicle without impacting the surrounding skin. We are very serious about client safety and treatments are administered by a team of highly trained professional and licensed technicians who will conduct a personal consultation with you to determine if this is the right procedure for your needs.


2. How much does laser hair removal cost?

It depends on the size of the area to be treated and larger areas will cost more than smaller areas as more time and pulses are required to treat the area. Some parts of the body may also require more sessions than others due to hormonal fluctuations.For an accurate price estimate, do book a complimentary consultation with Nude Beautique so we can assist you in a treatment plan that is best suited to your needs.


3. How many sessions will I need?

This also depends on the area to be treated with a minimum of five to six sessions, up to ten sessions. The exact number of sessions also depends on skin colour, hair colour and hair thickness. However, once the treatment course is complete, you will be hairless in that area forever!


4. What is the waiting time between treatments?

Laser hair removal sessions should be spaced about four to six weeks apart. Hair grows in three main stages – anagen, telogen and catagen and laser treatment can only eliminate hair in the anagen phase. As hair follicles grow at differing rates, it will take several sessions for all hair follicles to grow into the anagen phase where they can be removed by laser.



5. Does laser hair removal hurt?

Compared to traditional forms of hair removal such as tweezing, plucking or waxing, laser hair removal is practically painless. Depending on your level of pain tolerance, this treatment is generally described as a slight stinging sensation that dissipates quickly. Our laser systems include built-in cooling mechanisms to safely reduce the skin’s temperature to help to reduce the amount of discomfort you might feel during the treatment.


6. When will I see results after having laser hair removal?

You will see a visible reduction in the amount of hair after your first session. You will also notice a decrease in hair thickness, density and the amount of hair present as well as a reduction in stubble, rashes and ingrown hairs.


7. How old do you have to be to get laser hair removal?

We recommend laser hair removal treatment for clients aged above 18. Those below the age of 18 will have to present a consent form completed by their parent or guardian.


8. Are there any side effects to laser hair removal?

There is no downtime required for this non-invasive treatment but some individuals may experience some redness after a treatment, similar to a sunburn. This should dissipate after a few hours to a few days, at most.

It is recommended to avoid activities that may heat up your body temperature such as the sauna, hot yoga or sun tanning and to avoid wearing makeup for a day if you had treatment on the face.



9. Is laser hair removal permanent?

Yes, laser hair removal is permanent and the majority of our clients see minimal to zero regrowth. However, in some rare cases where hairs do reappear, it is usually very fine and not noticeable. This may be due to changes in hormones, climate, medical condition and other stimulating factors. You may opt for a few touch-up sessions in such situations.


10. What is the best laser for laser hair removal?

Naturally, each clinic will claim that theirs is the best. But it is important for the customer to understand that different lasers are calibrated to suit different skin and body parts. This means that having multiple lasers are actually better as this means the treatment can be customised to best suit your needs.


Nude Beautique uses only the best medical-grade and FDA approved devices for laser hair removal. These include the renowned Candela GentleLase and Lumenis Lightsheer. Our professional team of therapists will be able to best advise you on a bespoke treatment plan for best results.


To learn more about laser hair removal book a consultation at Nude now!